Move your business online

Today a lot of companies are not sure how to change the business process to work remotely, they do not know how to reorganize sales managers, accounting clerks, and the whole team in general to work remotely with out losing efficiency of the work. Is it possible? Moreover, is it possible even to increase efficiency of the team while working from home?

All these questions are very actual during the quarantine and we are happy to advise you how to organize the work of your team to work remotely and how you as a business owner you will benefit from those changes.

In this article we will share with you 4 steps for successful transferring of your business from offline to work online.
Most people would suggest to install Management System, or to buy SAP, or to buy phones and this is the way how to push your business to work from home. But we completely disagree with that. That is not enough for successful work of your team at all. You need to think wider! You need to look into this process in depth! Yes, you definitely need systems, computers, phones, etc., that is correct, but in general the work won’t be comfortable and in general you will lose efficiency of the work of you team. And below we will explain why.

If you buy tools but you do not understand how to use them, what is the benefit from those tools? If you have phones, computers, pens, and pencils, but you do not have a strategy how to implement everything and how to control everything, what is the point from of those investments? So, the first step should be:

1. Strategy

You need a strategy first! You need the strategy for yourself, you need the strategy for every single manager, you need the strategy for the whole company. And you have two options how you can build that strategy. The first option is ‘YOU MUST’. For example, you must work from home due to the social distancing measures, you must follow the company’s rules, you must do this and that, etc. Usually this type of strategy will not show a great work performance from your team. Usually the phrases like “this is the reality, we can not change anything”, “we need to survive for a couple of months”, “just do what you should do and you must work like that and then we will come back to the office” obviously do not work successfully for the business. The second option is “WANT”. This is the option, when you and your team have a willing to work remotely you and all your team want to work remotely and everybody understand why. Using this strategy, you will explain your team the bonuses that they will achieve from working from home system and you will positively motivate people to love new circumstances and enjoy working remotely. Even if at the beginning there will be some issues, anyway you will get the effective results, you people will show the willing to work and the business will only benefit from these changes. It is very important to speak with your team and it is crucial to motivate people without negative pressure.

After you have presented your global strategy and the whole team understands and loves the direction of the company’s development and growth, you can explain the second step, which is:

2. Instructions

This is very important to have instructions in the company for the effective work of every single team member. All your team members must know and understand the instructions. No matter how you work offline or online you must have instructions for every single employee of the company. Employees must understand what their responsibilities are and what every employee must complete before the end of the single day, week, month, and year. This instruction must be created including all the details, all questions and tasks and after that you will be able to analyze how productive every single worker is. This strategy will definitely increase the effective of their work in general not only during the quarantine or remote work, but offline and in the regular office as well.

Instructions are also useful to measure the results of the work. For you as a business owner, you would be able to measure how effective every employee works and for employees, these instructions will help to understand if he or she meets the expectations of the manager. Often the phrase “good work” has different meaning for different people. For example, a business owner may think that “good work” it is the work when sales manager has 10000$ profit and at the same time sales manager may think that “good work” it is the work when he was near the phone, answered the phone and e-mails from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and he was not going for a walk with the family and friends during the business day. And those types of situations we can see quite often. So, make sure you and all you employees have instructions and know what work performance you expect from them.

The next step is the step where you go in depth of the work of every single employee. In the third step, after we discussed the general strategy of the company and all macro management details, we are diving into the micromanagement:

3. Rules

It is always useful to have the rules in the company when working from home. And here are 3 the most important ones:

Responsibility. Your employees must understand their responsibilities while working remotely. They should not think that working remotely means vacation, freelance and they should not consider that this is the time to spend with their family. When the employee is at home his whole family may think that he is at home, he is available, he has a day off, they often ask a lot of questions, disturb him or even the employee itself may hear a nice smell from the kitchen and may go there to find out what’s cooking, etc. It is always important to say that the attention to the work must be the same as if it was in the office and all his family should understand that he is at home but from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. he is working and he must be responsible for his sector of the business.

Rhythm. When people work from home the rhythm of the work can be changed…Somebody wake up earlier, some workers later, some of them watching YouTube videos and can not concentrate on working process, etc. The speed of the work can be decreased and you as a business owner should control that dynamic. You may create video conference every morning to make sure that everyone has started to work and additionally you may initiate video conference every evening before the end of the day to speak about the results of the day, discuss questions and build a plan for the next day. All these steps, video conferences, speaking with your team 2 times a day will help to keep the rhythm of the work and will not allow to decrease the efficiency of the work. It will bust the rhythm. You will not spend a lot of time on this but for your team that will bring a big difference and as a result you might see even increasing of the work performance. Trust us, you will be surprised how effective these procedures may be and working remotely in the dynamic rhythm may even bust the work effectiveness.

Working hours. While working remotely some people may start working not at 8 a.m. but at 7 a.m., because by 4 p.m. they want to be free of work, or later, because they love to sleep in the morning, but you have to discuss the hours when the whole team when everybody will be available. Maybe these working hours will not be exactly 8 hours, maybe you can agree on 6 or 5 hours per day, but it would the same 5 hours every single day, starting at the same time and ending at the same time every day. By doing this, your team will have flexible working hours and at the same time they will have the certain amount of hours when they have to be available and the amount of the work they must be complete every single day.

And only now, not as the first step, but as the third one, we can speak about tools. Only now, only after completing 3 previous points we can speak about tools for the remote work

4. Tools

While many business owners start from this point, we think that before investing in tolls it is important to discuss with your team the strategy, instructions and rules and only after that you can go and buy all tools for the remote work. Make sure your team has a good internet, computer, headphones, etc. Plus, you should also think about your Management System that is user friendly, effective, and conformable for you and for the whole team. You may also consider saving all the information in the cloud or working with your clients through CRM. So, it is up to you what tools you decide to buy, but make sure all of them have really high quality for quick, comfortable and productive work of your team.

Many of the companies now may change the strategy to survive temporally during the quarantine to permanently working remotely. Many companies consider this remote work option as a productive and money effective option. A lot of people actually realized how they can benefit from all these circumstances. So, make sure you carefully read this article and understood it correctly. This might change your business and increase your profit dramatically.