Top 9 tips for successful sales in 2020

Let us talk about closing a deal in 2020 and what are the best closing phrases you can use.

It is always nerve-wracking when it comes to a closing conversation with a prospect. No matter how impressed you potential client seemed during your business meeting or how enthusiastic your strategy is, there’s always a chance that you will lose the competition or your client will decide to postpone the decision until next quarter or he will ask for a price and conditions that you can not deliver.

But as you have probably seen, using the right words can make a difference. Read on to learn the closing phrases that are useful for improving your sales results.

1. Guarantee

For example, “Dear Mr. Smith anyway we guarantee that this load will be delivered on time….” or “We guarantee the highest quality of the product”

Why it is so important? Sometimes people are scared of making decisions, scared to change something, to sign papers, etc. And the word “guarantee” helps to assure your client that he can trust you, he can do the next step, you are reliable person and you will make sure that after closing the deal, there would not be any problems, no issues, everything would be under control. So, make sure you always include the word “guarantee” during the business meeting with your potential client. Even if that is obvious for you, it might be not so obvious for your client, and it is always useful specifically to say that you guarantee that you will deliver what you promise and you guarantee that with you everything would be under the control.

2. Several options

“We have several options, we have several solutions, we have several offers….”

What is interesting when you say “several”? You do not push your line, you do not sell one thing…Moreover, if you did not correctly understood your customer’s problem you are not loosing the whole deal, you are offering many solutions which give you higher chances to meet the expectations and actually to show your professionalism. You can show that you know the problem in depth, and you provide as much solutions as possible. You show that you are expert in your field and your client will trust you, he will believe that under our control his problems will be solved. When you are not selling one thing and when you have a conversation with different viewpoint of the problem, your client will be more involved in the discussions and will more likely to listen you and to trust you.

The bonus of this option – you can increase your cross sales, likewise in freight brokerage business in Milestime Inc: when we speak with the clients we always do our best to solve the main transportation problem and then, as a bonus, and if the customer is willing to, we can additionally handle his customs, provide him our expedited delivery services or advise to use a railway delivery instead of over the road to uncover his transportation savings.

3. Try for free

The phrase “try for free” is a very strong selling phrase. You can always advise to try your product or service for free. Your client will not loose anything and at the same time he might enjoy your product or service. This option gives an opportunity without any risk for your customer to give you a chance to show what you are capable for, plus your customer can compare your services or products with his current vendors and to make a decision based on real facts.

4. Yes-yes, no-no

“You can try it, if you like then will keep going if no, that is okay, will find better solution for you”

This phrase you should use in your mid-steps. For example, dear Mr. Smith lets schedule a meeting, if you like us, will continue to work, we are ready to work with you, we want to provide you the best product, if no, this is also okay, no worries, we understand this is business and nothing personal. That would be a pleasure to meet you, to talk about the perspectives and moving forward we would be able to improve our offer and to move forward. By the way, we will bring this and that to our meeting and we are ready to discuss those questions.

So, as you can see, this is a good mid-step, that is important for your future closure the sales deal.

5. Return on Investment (ROI)

Always during business meeting or your conference call, it is great to point that we have calculated that this service will return on investment may get 20% or 50% within 5 transactions or within 6 months. The most important thing is to use the phrase “return on investment” This will show that you are on the client’s side, that you understand how the business works, what he will have in return and within what period.

6. Plan

All the phrases mentioned below are very important when you close your sales deal. This is a mini version of calling the action. This is usually what sales managers forget to say and they are wrongly waiting when the deal will be closed by itself somehow.

Let’s plan our production.

Let’s start to work according to the plan.

Do you agree with the plan?

Sometimes sales managers are finishing the presentations and then they are staying and waiting for the customer’s reply, they are waiting that the customer will say “let’s buy” or whatever. But this is a crucial mistake. Customer may say “let me think”, “let me discuss your presentation with my colleagues”, “let me take a pause” ….Always add the phrase with the word “plan” or similar at the end of your presentation: Let’s schedule the next meeting, let’s book it, let’s plan our strategy. And this small edition will dramatically increase your sales results.

7. Understood, here is the solution

“Understood, here is the solutions or Understood, let me show you a couple of solutions or I completely understand your problem and I know how we can solve it”

Those are absolutely great phrases and the client can see that your are reliable and responsible person, you are an expert in this field, you definitely understand the situation and you are ready to solve the problem and show your professionalism. In this case the client will appreciate your professionalism and he will trust you and he will look forward to work with you. Your client will understand that you understand the problem, that you are on the same page with him and moreover, you have already the solution or couple of offers that will improve your client’s business.

8. In General? Most importantly?

You can always in the middle of the conversation ask you client “Are we on the same page in general?”, “In general, how do you like this idea?” and globally in general you can receive the answer if he likes your product or idea, if you correctly understand his demand. And then you can ask “Most importantly, did we cover all your questions?”, “Most importantly, is there anything you want to know more”. And when you get the answer “yes” this is your green light, now you understand that you are on the right way and now you know that you have showed the complete solution for his business and you can be more confident in your closing part of the deal.

9. In this situation

This phase helps a lot with the sales and helps a lot to demonstrate your expert opinion. For example: “Mr. Smith, in this situation, often helps…”, “In this situation we always do….”, “In this situation we usually see the results…” This phrase “in this situation” shows that you have an experience, that you saw that situation and you know how to handle it. Clients always want to hear that you know what you do, you know how to help, you faced this situation and you understand how to solve the problem. Your customer will trust you and he will want to sign the contract with you when he sees confident and professional expert that saw those situations many times and knows how to have the best result for the client.

We hope that these 9 tips will help you to bust your sales and to close as many deals as you have. If you still have questions, please contact us and we would be more than happy to help you!